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Renters Insurance

About Your Home

Please note that we can only quote for addresses in the UK.


If you are having problems with your postcode not being recognised, please make sure that you have not used the letter ‘O’ as the number zero.

Please select the number of bedrooms within the property – bedrooms include rooms originally designed as bedrooms but now have another use such as studies, and also rooms that have been converted to bedrooms.  If you are a student living in halls of residence and only want to cover the contents of your room, please select 1 bed from the dropdown above. Your room must have its own lock and claims for theft or attempted theft will only be covered if force or violence has been used.

If you're not sure, check on the title deeds for the property or ask your landlord or the property owner

If your property type is not listed please call us on 0330 332 2637 so that we can complete your quote over the phone

With Asda Home Insurance you can get a quote up to 90 days before you need your cover to start. We’ll also guarantee the premium as long as all your quote details remain the same.


If you have a policy due for renewal please check the expiry date on the renewal notice from your insurer.

About You

You can decide to have your policy in joint names with a partner or spouse who jointly owns or has invested in your contents.

This is the number of years you have continuously held a contents insurance policy for including previous properties.

This should include liability claims and all claims, whether insured or not, against any person living in the property. Motor, Travel or other claims should not be included.

How many claims have you had in the last 4 years?

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Important Information to read:

Hood Group is an insurance intermediary providing a non-advised service. We act for and on behalf of the insured.

Before getting your quote, please click here to ensure you read our eligibility conditions.